Technical support

Technical support

Scope of technical support


The company's product software, hardware resources to provide information consultation.


Problems encountered in the use of software and hardware manuals of the company's products.


The company provides OEM, ODM after-sales technical support.


The data of users who have purchased the company's products can be retrieved after being lost or updated.


The company's product fault judgment and after-sales maintenance services.


Scope of technical discussion


Source code modification and understanding.


Application development issues.


How to migrate the operating system.


Software / hardware problems encountered by users in self modification and secondary development.


Technical support mode


Tel: 0756-3628023 / 3628021






Technical support time


Monday to Friday: 9:00-11:30 PM 13:30-17:00


The company will rest in accordance with the national statutory holidays, and cannot provide technical support during the holidays.


If you have any questions, please email or log in the company forum We will reply to you as soon as possible on weekdays.


Data access method


Log in to Wiki:


Log in to the company's official website:


Pay attention to WeChat public number: Search "Ming Yuan Zhi Rui technology".




In case of any conflict between the contents of these regulations and the national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.


Zhuhai mingyuanzhirui Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to amend and interpret these regulations.


These Regulations shall be implemented from January 1, 2015.