Warranty requirements


When the product breaks down, the customer can enjoy the warranty service with valid purchase certificate and warranty card.


Within one year from the date of purchase (subject to the actual date of receipt, the LCD screen and power adapter shall be provided with a three-month warranty) warranty shall be provided except for the components.


In case of any product abnormality after the expiration of the warranty period, mingyuanzhirui can contact us for paid maintenance service. The actual charge depends on the specific situation. In case of serious damage, parts stop production or other uncontrollable factors that make maintenance impossible, the company will no longer provide maintenance services.


For the paid maintenance out of warranty, after the fault is repaired, the warranty period is 90 days, and the warranty period is 90 days for the original fault reproduction.


If the products you buy need to be repaired or tested, please back up the relevant data in the machine in advance We are not responsible for the loss caused by data loss.


The freight during the warranty period shall be borne by both parties. If it is not within the warranty period, the postage shall be borne by the customer.


Non warranty


The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, we can provide paid maintenance, please note:


Products out of warranty


Non guaranteed components: CPU, memory chip, flash, EMMC chip


Due to improper use, there are products with physical damage such as PCB burnout and rupture.


Products whose QR code is altered, covered or lost, resulting in unrecognized product information.


The product QR code does not match the product itself.


Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid inlet, accident, modification and use not in accordance with the instructions.


Force majeure. Such as fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, etc.


Products damaged due to improper packaging or transportation during the process of returning the fault to the factory.


Instructions for repair


In order to standardize the after-sales maintenance work, the following conditions can be accepted for maintenance, please understand


Contact sales or log in to the official website to check the after-sales registration form, fill in and return.


The customer must pay the mailing fee for the Express repair products, and will not receive the payment.


Please don't bring cash with your delivery.


In the process of using our products, in case of any product failure, the customer can send the defective products to the after-sales maintenance department of mingyuanzhirui. After sending, please follow up on your own to avoid the loss of the goods during the transportation.


Repair products require customers to use protective cotton, cartons for packaging, and soft materials for separation between products, so as to reduce scratch or damage during transportation.